Summer Camp 2019

Camp highlights
  • First block
  • Friday June 14 - Monday June 17
  • Offerings include: Authentic Movement, Axis Syllabus, Butoh, Cocrea, Contact Improv, Dolphin Dance, Mindful Movement, Somatic Playground, Yoga
  • Musicians/Performers:
    J Brave
  • DJs:
    DJ Rimpoche
    Theo Althuiszes
    Hamid Martin
    C. Todd Robbins
    Jairo Wilches
    Dave Hurwit
    Christina Tuccillo
    Gabriel Francisco
    Joshua Cross
    Nancy Shanteau
  • Second block
  • Monday June 17 - Thursday June 20
  • Offerings include: African Dance, Contact Improv, Dancing Freedom, Dolphin Dance, Expressive Arts, Nia, Portrait Drawing, Somatic Playground, Theater Improv, Yoga
  • Musicians/DJs:
    Ryan Herr
    Sahuna Love
  • DJs:
    Ken Martini
    Theo Althuiszes
    Hamid Martin
    Jairo Wilches
    C. Todd Robbins
    Saffire Bouchelion
    Dave Hurwit
    Christina Tuccillo
  • Third Block
  • Thursday June 20 - Sunday June 23
  • Offerings include: Body Tales, Contact Improv, Dolphin Dance, Open Floor, Poetry Channel Writing, Somatic Playground, Soul Motion, Open Floor, Spinal Care Yoga
  • Musicians/Performers:
    Tom Finch
  • DJs:
    Dan Zemmelman
    Michael Zipkin
    Daniel Mollner
    DJ Rimpoche
    DJ Flow
    Christina Tuccillo
    Theo Althuiszes
Musicians, Djs & Teachers
Daniel Mollner is passionate about creative expression and dedicated to building community. He teaches Contact Improvisation regularly in Santa Cruz and hosts/DJs two weekly Ecstatic Dances there. His current “big” project is producing the National Ecstatic Dance Bus and Film Tour, an art and service project traveling the US this summer. Learn more about him at
Bronwyn is devoted to dance as a sacred practice that encourages the full embodiment of ourselves in our lives. She interweaves Axis Syllabus, contact improvisation, mindfulness, and somatic awareness into her unique approach to the art of movement. Inherent in her philosophy is the inseparable relationship between healing and dance. Bronwyn runs her Holistic Medical Arts Clinic in Berkeley, CA where she treats people with a combination of acupuncture, plant medicine, ritual, Rosen Method Bodywork, Reiki, and nutrition. She is a Certified Axis Syllabus Teacher.
Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP has been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998. She is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach & certified Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner, writer, teacher and workshop facilitator. With skill and pleasure Lorina guides people into embodied learning experiences to help them consciously explore themes like eros, desire, boundaries, intimacy, sexual integrity and more. You can learn more about her work at
MC, poet, activist for peace, and visionary of the conscious Hip Hop collective Luminaries, J Brave’s greatest gift is his ability to bring people together for the greater good. As one of the three vocalist of Luminaries, his band has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, & unity through the vehicle of music, and as an expression of service.
Saffire Bouchelion is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia instructor who has been passionately practicing Nia for 18 years. He is also a professional performer and musician. His embodiment and transmission of music and rhythm stir profound transformation in his students. He has taught Drumming, Embodying Rhythm and Dance into Being workshops throughout the US, Europe, Mexico and Bali for the past 13 years. His greatest joy is helping to Embody the world, one Community at a time!
Jill Beimers, as a co~founder of Ecstatic Dance Nevada City, one of the main focuses in her life is Dance. Movement is her medicine, in which she healed a severe back injury years ago. Since then her path has included teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic, Contact Improv, authentic movement classes and Ecstatic Somatic. Love for playfulness is what inspired the birth of "Somatic Playground", an interactive adult structure with bars and swings to explore, strengthen and stretch.
Padma is a Spiritual Counselor, Movement Educator, women’s group facilitator, writer, mother, and lover of life. She brings over 40 years of meditation and dance experience to the table. Her gift is teaching people the physical, mental, and energetic mechanics of being present. Padma gently guides people to embrace whatever appears and open to it. Her vision is for all beings to feel aligned with their unique blueprint, fulfill their purpose, and rock the world!
Since childhood, movement is the way Rebecca best expresses herself. Her early years were spent moving freely, creating spontaneously. During her time in NYC as a freelance performer in contemporary dance a yearning for something deeper lead her to the studio, asking, "Body, what do YOU want to express today?" Here a pathway opened and her true journey began. This inquiry continually informs her teaching, as does her 15 years of experience in Contact Improvisation.
Ashley & Porangui
Ashley Klein (Ed.S) is a dancer, retreat facilitator, and music business manager based in Sedona, Arizona. She supports the world music performance and healing practice of Poranguí, with the mission of helping to awaken individuals through the healing power of music and dance. Her movement background ranges from pointe shoes to pom poms, with a current focus on African diaspora dances. She has been a Certified Facilitator of Dancing Freedom since 2009 and facilitates at retreats and festivals.

​Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. Drawing from his cross-cultural background and ethnomusicology training at Duke University, Poranguí has over twenty years of international work experience as an artist, musician, educator, filmmaker, consultant and therapist, utilizing the healing properties of sound and movement to foster our individual and collective well being.
Jo Cobbett has been teaching in Los Angeles for 23 years, and offering events around the world. This is her passion and practice. Jo trained in 5Rhythms® and Open Floor among other embodied processes. This work is a restoration of soul. Join her as she shares her heart and opens the field of possibilities.
Shannon is a dedicated yogini, dancer, artist and lover of the earth. Her classes are a finely woven tapestry of poetic wisdom, humor, and spontaneity. She is the creative director for Ecstatic Dance Oakland and designed Being experiment in communal play. With 15 years of experience as a movement facilitator and massage therapist, Shannon is devoted to inspiring students to thrive and be fully alive.
Denise Martini has been involved in the Healing Arts since 1989. Her passion is the Art of Being Alive and assisting others on their journey towards knowing their wholeness through movement, presence, embodiment, and spiritual practices. Denise is a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, Minister of SomaSense; a Mindful Body Ministry of AIWP, and group facilitator of ceremonies and workshops. She is dedicated to her own personal and spiritual growth and brings the gift of deep, compassionate presence to everything she does. Visit her website at:
Shamans Dream is Sahuna Love’s musical prayer for healing, transformation, love, and happiness for all beings. SD is inspired by the spiritual musical lineages from around the globe. Every Shamans Dream offering is a ceremony.
Ronja Ver is a dancer and dance maker, a teacher, a mother, an activist, and a lifetime student of performance as meaning-making. Their choreographic work addresses current issues through movement and sound, technical and unpolished, often working with extreme physical states to invite the audience into a sensory, nonverbal place of relating. They have worked in Europe and in the United States, most recently with Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas in Seattle and New York City, and Avy K Productions, Sara Shelton Mann, Risa Jaroslow and Scott Wells in the SF Bay Area. Previous posts include the National Theater of Finland and Riitta Vainio Dance Company, and Ver is proud to be featured on Steve Paxton’s dvd Material for the Spine. Ver is co-organizer of the West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam and co-founder of the Finnish CI festival Skiing On Skin. Ver holds an MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ADF.
René Alvarez Is a Contact Improvisation fanatic since 2000 while influenced by Axis Syllabus, Flow Arts, Parkour and Motivity Aerial Dance. In Berkeley, He teaches/curates two weekly CI classes and the yearly West Coast CI Jam. This will be his 20th year of participation at Burning Man, teaching/curating classes for Camp Contact. Since 2016, he teaches at the ODC school for contemporary dance in San Francisco.
Dave Hurwit is a dance and event facilitator, DJ, live-sound engineer, body-mind therapist and workshop leader. He is passionate about creating events that build community and foster connection, self-awareness and spiritual growth. Dave is the originator of FLOW! Conscious Dance. He weaves a wide variety of music and dynamic lighting to create an immersive experience that takes participants on a rich, magical, embodied journey.
Ryan Herr has been weaving his mix of live and electronic music for festivals, events, ecstatic dances, and retreats throughout the world for nearly 20 years. His sets are loved for his synthesis of original and live elements and his uniquely designed blend of genres and cultures, both contemporary and classic, mixed with on-the-spot compositions and original remixes.
David Schlussel is a yoga teacher, life coach, husband, and father. His classes are a flowing celebration of our bodies, designed to exercise, educate, integrate, delight, challenge and recharge. He is known for his warm approachability, contagious curiosity, gentle and liberating hands on adjustments, facilitating healing of old injuries, and offering concepts that support his students both on the mat and in their daily life.
While he may more easily identify as a musician, somehow along the way, dance, meditation and embodiment in general have become just as essential to his way of being in the world. He is very excited to share these combined practices and expressions of joy by improvising live, acoustic music for a chill contact improv space. Expect the delicately lyrical, the relaxedly spacious and the sublime synchronicity which live, improvised, dropped in music can bring.
James Kapicka is a movement facilitator and Thai massage practitioner with a passion for bringing people together to explore and connect. He offers sacred yoga ceremonies to facilitate personal growth and community healing through sincere, heartfelt expression. James creates an environment that empowers students to embody their integrity and trust their intuition. His offerings center on profound re-evolutionary change both within and in how we exist in society and in our relationship with Mother Earth.
Fernando has been practicing conscious dance for fifteen years. He has danced, worked and performed with Lucent Dossier circus for the past eight years and now facilitates dance movement classes in LA and music festivals around the US. He spends his time practicing various healing modalities including massage. He is currently studying shamanic cultures and applying transformative methods to his work
Gabriel & Candice
Candice is a writer and coach with a focus on reclaiming erotic embodiment through exploring shame and shadow. She brings her passion for movement, play, and creative self-expression to her work as a group facilitator. She has trained in various healing modalities such as yoga, tantra, and orgasmic meditation as well as studied Alexander Technique and theatrical movement while getting her BFA at NYU.
Wren is a somatic permissionary teaching partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, enlivening communities with his signature modality, Cocréa. Wren guides people into right relationship through movement, listening and responding in service to the highest good for all life. He is a celebrated TEDx speaker, featured author in "ReInhabiting the Village" and ardent proponent of pioneering a new renaissance through authentic connection and consensual touch.
Usha is a Facilitator for Cocréa Conscious Partner dance, co-founder of Foothills Fusion Dance, (a weekly social dance in NorCal) and co-founder of Convergence and Heartbeat (two dance mini-festivals in NorCal.) She is also a Sacred Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach. In addition to teaching partner dance for over four years, Usha has over 2000 hours of training in holistic healing arts and over 15 years of professional experience as a body-worker and yoga teacher. Her offerings are deeply informed and inspired by nature, divinity, love, sensuality, healthy relating, and constant striving towards being a better human.
Hamid is the founder of Inner Rhythm and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz. He facilitates and DJ’s for East and West Coast Dance Camps as well as weekly and monthly dance sessions in Santa Cruz where he has inspired a rich, loving, interwoven community of embodied movers. He also offers workshops internationally and is one of the lead teacher trainers for Dancing Freedom ™
Suraya Keating, MFT, RDT, RYT is an actress, Drama Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher who is passionate about the transformative power of play and creativity. She is Shakespeare for Social Justice Director for Marin Shakespeare and has worked extensively in prisons, juvenile halls and schools. As dedicated yogini, Suraya has taught yoga for 15 years and often weaves yoga philosophy into her theater and expressive arts groups as well as individual work. Suraya sees individuals in her Marin office and by Skype.
Lysa Castro is an Authentic Movement and Body Tales facilitator who brings a finely tuned ability to create warmth, safety and sacredness into all she offers. Lysa has worked in close partnership with BT founder Olivia Corson and is a former faculty member of the Authentic Movement Institute. She offers individual sessions, groups and retreats in Berkeley, Sebastopol and Los Gatos. Lysa and her husband, Ralph, live in Sebastopol with their gardens, goats and chickens.
Jill Nagle has been a groundbreaking counselor, facilitator, and published author for more than 25 years. She created her Wisdom of the Body practice as an answer to the question, “Where can an adult go to get sustained, aware, nonsexual physical contact in a counseling context?” She was an invited speaker to JFKU's Somatic Psychology program, and had two presentation proposals accepted at the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy 2018 conference.
Somatic psychotherapist. Dance devotee. Part-time wizard.
Dan began playing piano at 5. He developed a passion for Jazz early and studied at the University of Wisconsin. He was awarded 'Best Jazz Artist' in 1996. As part of the Kennedy Center’s (and US State Department) Jazz Ambassadors program, Dan toured India representing the USA through teaching and performance. Dan has also studied/performed theater improv extensively in a month-long training with Ruth Zaporah (Action Theater) and through programs with BATS and private groups. Dan loves facilitating Improv Theater, and his class at camp last year was a success.
Raina Satori, passionate playful soul, is a veteran teacher of workshops and classes for the last 15 years in the Bay Area. She is a featured teacher at various dance retreats and festivals on the west coast. Her teaching is strongly influenced by Martin Keogh, Anna Halprin and Constantine Darling. Raina Satori is also the creatrix and captain of the Shamanic Cheerleaders, CEO of Rana Satori Design and member of the cabaret clown troupe FouFouHa! She has been featured in Yoga Journal Magazine, Conscious Dancer Magazine, Marin IJ, Project 52 and the San Francisco Chronicle for her creative, ingenious expressions in dance and performance art.
Sasha Wright expresses her soul’s gifts through somatic therapy, creative movement and vocalization, story speaking, and weaving meaningful rituals. She loves guiding groups in ritual space where embodiment, creativity, and synching to natural rhythms connect people to an authentic experience of their own magic and meaning. She provides psychotherapy and leads embodied earth-based rituals in the East Bay.
Matthew Nelson takes an ecstatic and scholarly approach to flowing our intelligent, spiritual, sexual bodies-in-motion. Matthew brings over 20 years experience on his path as an artist and therapist, achieving qualifications that include an MFA in Modern Dance, and certifications in Laban Movement Analysis, Massage, and Pilates. Grounded in awareness, connectivity, and flow, his presence is compassionate, his spirit playful, and he is forever curious.
With over 20 years of expertise in solo and partner dancing, I am blessed with the opportunity to travel all over the world sharing versatile concepts, bridging communities of West Coast Swing, Zouk, Blues/Fusion, and Ecstatic Dance. Dance is my language of communication, connection and authentic expression. Integrating somatic, tantric and meditative practices with consent culture, mastered partner dance and solo technique, I use dance to explore more intricate and subtle nuances of kinetic and somatic communication. My hopes are to refine an eloquent understanding of dance language and somatic conversation, to expand and shift how we show up, transform, co-create and move together in dance and in life, on this planet. My intention is to inspire and empower through the joy, medicine and magic that is dance!!
Cornflower’s sound emerges from the moment connecting you to your Soul. His voice calls us deeper into Presence utilizing modern mantra-like lyrics upon a landscape of vocal loops, he builds layers and dimensions of harmony and groove like a sonic tapestry into an anthemic chant to set your body ablaze in movement and prayer.
For the last sixteen years, Michael Zipkin has immersed himself in the expressive- and inquiry-based arts, studying Soul Motion™, 5Rhythms, Open Floor Movement Practice, Action Theater, Authentic Movement and Gestalt Awareness Practice. He creates a bright and spacious atmosphere to foster empathy and expression, and has been leading Soul Motion classes and workshops since becoming certified to teach in 2010, at places like Dance Camp Northwest and NCDC Summer Camp.
Sue Stuart has been practicing Contact Improvisation for 32 years. At the peak of her teaching career, she taught 3 classes a week, including a mixed ability class, for over 10 years. Sue also worked as a nurse for over 30 years. She now is the Director of the East Bay Community Space in Oakland.
  • 3 Days
  • The first 3 or final 3 days of camp.
  • Kids : $225
  • Teens: $255
  • Young adults: $330
  • Low income adults: $495
  • Middle income adults: $495
  • Upper income adults: $594
  • 6 Days
  • The first 6 or final 6 days of camp.
  • Kids: $450
  • Teens: $510
  • Young Adults: $660
  • Low income adults: $990
  • Middle income adults: $1089
  • Upper income adults: $1188
  • 9 Days
  • All 9 days at camp.
  • Kids: $675
  • Teens: $765
  • Young Adults: $990
  • Low income adults: $1485
  • Middle income adults: $1633.50
  • Upper income adults: $1782
Camp Rates Explained
Rates include food, lodging, and programming. For parents of children ages 3-12, kids' fees include daytime childcare. You will be arriving at 4 PM and, based on the registration option you choose, leaving three, six, or nine days later at 2 PM. The only expenses when you are at camp are for items you might want to buy at the camp store, supplemental art materials for optional projects (garments to tie dye or screen print, etc.), and, for parents, evening childcare (you pay teens or other adults).

Prices per night, early rate:
Infants under 3 are free. Kids 3 - 12 are $75. Teens 13 - 19 are $85.
Young Adults 20 - 33 are $100.
Low-Income Adults are $150. Mid-Income Adults are $165. High-Income Adults are $180.

The adult sliding scale is based on pretax income levels (Low = less than $40K; Middle = $40K - $80K; High = more than $80K), and are intended as a guideline for determining financial resources. Please adjust your daily rate upwards based on significant assets (owning property, having a trust fund or inherited wealth, a retirement plan, etc.) or downwards based on significant burdens (excessive health care costs, tuition, adult dependents, single-parenting, unusual losses, etc.).

Adult rates went up 10% on May 15th, 2019.

Registration: The Dance We Do To Get To Camp

Registration Policies and Terminology:
Registration is the process of signing up for camp and reserving your place. You, your companion(s) and any kids or teens you are supervising all register together for specific 3-day blocks. Your group is referred to as your party and is checked in together when you arrive.

Cancellations by or before May 15 receive a full refund, minus a $50 handling fee and processing fees. Cancellations after May 15 get no refund, but you may pay the transfer fee of $50 and sell your ticket(s). Finding buyers is your responsibility. If we have a waiting list we will connect you with those on it.

Cancellations due to illness or emergency during camp might be eligible for partial credit toward future camps. Submit an explanation in writing by the end of camp for review after camp.

If camp sells out we will have a waiting list that connects those waiting with registration blocks that become available.

Early arrival is showing up at camp before you are supposed to. There is a $50 fee, per person, for showing up early. Because camp is accessed by a one lane road and entries and exits are timed, this is a safety issue for us that we take seriously.

Register Now

Much more than dance

Kids camp
About a sixth of our camp is kids or teens and we hire a dozen staff to oversee them. Having safe, creative experiences is important for growing creatures, and we provide them; 6 hours a day of kids camp coverage in a program almost as diverse and arguably more fun than the one for adults. See your kids for meals and evening events. During the day they probably won't miss you.
Organic food, conscious cooks
We provide organic food for a spectrum of diets -- from vegan to omnivore, with gluten free options. It is yummy, nourishing, and grounding -- for big days of dance and play.
Work with us
About a third of camp works to produce it, during the event and the months that precede it. Working at camp mixes you in with the magical men and women who cocreate our special place, and offers significant discounts off tuition.
Apply here
Art Projects
Art Projects
The art lounge is open before and during midday and evening meals. Folks show up and get crafty. Here a huge bag of stuffed animals is being cut in parts and reunited in creative ways.
On a hot day it wakes up the senses with exquisite contrasts of juiciness and crunch. Having lots of options for adding just the right dressing, nut, seed, powder, oil, or other condiment makes salad personally perfect.
Bonding through work and play
Bonding through work and play
Here the setup crew constructs the Nirvana Cabana. Crews have their own subcultures and bond accordingly. During breaks, this crew applies blocks of ice to each other.
Where is camp?
Camp is an hour east of Fresno, California, at 45000 East Kings Canyon road -- usually a 4 to 5 hour drive from either the Bay Area or LA. It is at over 4000 feet, dry, and generally hot during the day, though sometimes cool or rainy. Tent camping, vehicle camping, and bunkhouse cabins are available. Directions to camp and a list of what to bring are sent to registered campers.